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Life Data Hoof Disinfectant
Life Data Hoof Disinfectant

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Life Data Hoof Disinfectant
Cat No. 049008

Life Data Hoof DisinfectantTM



Bacteria and Fungi Assualt the Hoof Horn

Life Data Hoof DisinfectantTM


Fight Back with Proper Nutrition and External Preparations

Now you can fight back with Life Data Hoof DisinfectantTM. Life Data Labs, makers of Farrier's Formula®, introduces an innovative and effective way to fight back - this time with the combination of proper nutrition and external preparations working from the outside in.

In 25 years of treatment and follow-up with several thousand horses, Dr. Gravlee has identified only a few horses with hoof problems that did not improve after feeding Farrier's Formula® once other health or environmental problems were identified and corrected. These horses all had healthy coat and hair quality, appeared to have good nutritional status, and were otherwise in good health. Dr. Gravlee collected hoof trimmings from these horses and sent them for microscopic analysis. The reports he received were almost identical on each of the horses. They all had healthy hoof tissue except for the presence of extensive fungal or bacterial infections in the hoof capsule. The microorganisms were destroying the hoof. Life Data Hoof DisinfectantTM not only kills the hoof-eating microbes on the surface of the hoof but penetrates deep within the hoof wall to kill these microbes at the foundation of the infection.


Active Ingredients

Tee tree oil :

Povidone iodine complex :

Ethylenediamine dihydroiodide (EDDI) :

Isopropyl alcohol :

Propylene glycol :



is used as a dispersion medium
a fast drying suspension
a source of organic iodine
a source of iodine complexed with a polymer for extended effectiveness.
a penetrating oil that has animicrobial activity.


Do not apply to feedingstuff.


Shake well before use.


Apply disinfectant to a clean, dry hoof using the enclosed applicator to reach cracks and crevices.


Allow to penetrate 20-30 minutes.


Repeat application daily while brittle walls, cracks, chips, old nail holes, etc. are present.

Use each time the hoof is dressed, rasped, or trimmed.


is a safe and effective topical disinfectant clinically proven to kill the bacteria and fungi that cause hoof capsule problems. It is a tamed iodine solution that is delivered into the hoof capsule by a highly penetrating base of tea tree oil.

Every day, millions of bacteria and fungi assault the horse's hoof, looking for an opportunity to gain entrance through a nail hole or a crack. In other cases, it is simply a war of attrition, when over time these hoof-eating microbes erode the integrity of the hoof wall and the end results could be any one of a hundred different hoof capsule infections. Bacteria and fungi that are associated with thrush, white line disease and other hoof capsule infections actually digest your horse's hoof.

6 x 1 3/4 x 1 3/4

Plastic Bottle

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